feoma Ngoka:A Silent Nigerian Female Networker with Entrepreneurial Leadership

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“Great women do great things in secret”.-Godday Odidi

For those who are not too close to Ambassador Obitex’s wife popularly called as’ Ify4life’may describe her as a woman of no value in the society.

The numerical growth of Helping Hands International Concept Limited (H2i) in Nigeria cannot be completed without mentioning Mrs.Ifeoma Ngoka, the woman behind the scene of networking business expansion in Africa.

Precisely, late December, 2017, I paid unscheduled visit to Ambassador Obitex’s abode in one of the expensive residential estates owned by the Nigerian police in Lagos. The few hours I spent in Obitex’s house, his wife, Ify4life demonstrated great hospitality to me not just as journalist but as a trusted friend to her husband.

Though, I had met such women of substance who might likely want to exhibit their financial influence but Mrs.Ifeoma Ngoka’s own was a different case to the extent that she valued my present and never looked down on me. I have seen women of such cabal sometimes want to show-off their arrogance to their husband’s friends. But Ifeoma Ngoka was humble to the core.

Her intellectual capacity and innovative drive in building H2i in Africa cannot be overestimated. She is one of those faithful directors that kept H2i to this present position when H2i enemies gathered together last year to send this NGO packaging from Africa by force. She trusted many people in H2i but only to be betrayed by some voracious elements who felt there is need to part away in pieces. Her magnanimous love for humanitarian services and skills acquisitions saw H2i rising in full force in 2018 with her husband.

To crown it all, Ngoka Ifeoma is one of the key players of H2i who saw the vision and worked tirelessly to see that H2i is alive and kicking in Africa till date. She is not a show-off personality but a woman of virtue who prefers to work in silent and allows her members and husband to blow the trumpet of her greatness in life. She remains a woman of substance with pedigree in Africa.



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