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Bishop Umunna



Stories compiled by Godday Odidi ( 08063458693)


Bishop Leonard Umunna is the Presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral, a church that is specifically anointed to bring greatness to members and non-members on earth and make heaven. For over 36 years ago, Bishop Umunna started Bible Life Church Cathedral and came into the pulpit over 55 years ago; God has used him gloriously to liberate souls to their formidable destinies in life.

According to Bishop Umunna, Nigeria has lost great Nationalists and what we have now is regional leaders pursuing their own political interest. At 65,God told me when I was 50 years old that I would be looking  younger than my age and I eat what is good for my body not necessary to feed only.

The Lagos-Imo based undiluted preacher, spoke extensively why Nigeria must take some certain steps to move beyond ethnical leadership system which has over the years crept into the National leadership.



Many people always ask why I look younger than my age. No doubt, I’m older than Nigeria. At 65, God has been faithful to me and I eat what is necessary for my health and not just to live as a human being. I forgive in advance and I don’t keep grudges against anybody to affect my health. Life expectancy is 45, certain things keep me young, and neatness is another antidote of my healthy living. I make sure, I hear from God before taken any spiritual and physical decisions as a servant of God. I love myself and also love others.



Nigeria has lost National leaders and what we have now is regional leaders pursuing ethnical interest not for the emancipation of the country from untold hardship among its citizenry. Within 4years, Nigeria can become envious of Africa nations if rightful leaders with national interest are placed in leadership positions. We have lost what make Nigeria one, nepotism, tribalism, avarice and ethnicity have crept into the system. Past great Nationalists like Awolowo, Azikiwe, Macaulay and others united Nigeria in one. If Nigeria will be one again, ethical sentiments must be eradicated out of our mindsets as leaders and citizens and referendum must be conducted to know our true leaders not this vote buying election processes that does not determine real leaders again. What makes Nigeria be accepted outside the world then is unity but the security situation is appalling and making us a laughing stock. National vision is needed to build a stronger leadership system. Economic woes and educational decadence has brought the country into poor leadership situation. Nobody values human beings anymore. People used to sick and die but now people are being buried like fouls because of the poor security system.  Political Leaders are pursuing their personal interest not the citizens ‘interest now. Most gospel preachers refuse to speak the truth to leaders because of the fear of losing their members. No doubt, cabals are in government and lack of refineries also making the Petroleum ministry not to work creatively and digitally. Administrative overhead is another problem that is affecting our leadership system. You can stay at your house and vote or contribute your ideas to move Nigeria forward. Parliamentary system is better than Presidential system of government. Hardship is driving many people into heinous crimes that are uncontrollable. One thing that is killing Nigeria is much emphasis on experience for leadership and bringing already established people into power. We have bad followers in politics and only sycophants are respected in this part of the world.




The true churches are underground now. How many churches can run TV or radio programmes successfully without the support of these political bourgeoisies. You preach what people what to hear and so it takes the grace of God for real preachers to speak the truth. I spoke something few years ago on the leadership of Nigeria and they came for my life. Only the living can celebrate Jesus Christ. I’m not interested with any political party leadership system but what I’m interested on how good leadership could be entrenched into the citizens.




At 65, I’ m not retiring but refiring more in ministry. God has given me the opportunity to preach undiluted word of God to my members and beyond and I will continue to toe the good path of the Lord.



In the last days, as what the Bible says, nations will rise against nations. The security system needs overhauling and poverty contributed to the security situation of the country.Umemployment is at geometrical progression.9years now, I have been operating my private schools without getting profits and some of the students and pupils are on scholarships. It has been a huge challenge in business but I cannot sack my staffs, most of them are my church members. If I sack them now, some will become armed robbers and prostitutes. If the economy is fixed, crime rate will reduce to the barest minimum. Too many taxes also making young people not to set up their own companies to employ people. I don’t run tribal business or church. We are all in one. I want to build, employ and develop Ajegunle, but there is no money to do that now. For Nigeria to make great progress these suggestions of mine must be taken into consideration; better policies, changing Nigeria to a better name that has progressive colouration, prayerful day for Nigeria, character leadership, create jobs for people, Ruga settlement issue must  be suspended to avoid political chaos in the country, create formidable state security operatives, make welfare services as priority,education,health and small-scale enterprises must be encouraged



I’m not the right person to speak on the behalf of these two religious bodies but as a servant of God, ministers must always speak the truth to our political leaders. Most religious leaders cannot differentiate between spiritual governance from secular governance. No political leader can say he or she has given me money for prayers. Ministers of God are not supposed to ask for money for prayers from political leaders or anybody at all. For the work of God to grow, we must live righteously always.















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