Francis Akenami:A Highly Trained Medical Professional with Passion for Philanthropic Hospitality

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Francis Akenami

Far away New York,this great Isoko-born medical professional has taken upon himself in celebrating every Isoko sons and daughters in Nigeria and abroad.Reading through his rich medical profile on Linked In where he had over 25 skills in the medical field,He had his PhD in Neuropathology/Clinical chemistry.He is one man from Isoko that has love for entrepreneurial leadership.With his popular platform(Olomoro Telescope,issues posted at that platform are to educate Isoko people on issues that affects development.He is trained as a medical writer to the core.A man that knows the value of creativity and education in life.He is a role model to emulate by any Isoko youth that wants to succeed in life.I m proud you sir.


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