Frank Egbodo: A Consistent Philanthropist with Unassuming Character

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Prince Frank Egbodo


One of the small financial institutions I  recently visited in Badagry area of Lagos State to transact some cash ahead of 7th Mindset Media awards and book launch, the owner of the quick cash deposit centre hails from Delta State, as my friend on the social media, he intimated me with the name “Prince Frank Egbodo”.

I saw your post on facebook ahead of the coming event looking through the nomination handbill posted, I saw Prince Frank Egbodo’s photograph among the nominated awardees and in fact that man is a good philanthropist, he deserves this award. Tell him, Mr.Kingsley Onogbokor is greeting him. I was perplexed in the sense that, Badagry here again, Frank Egbodo philanthropic gesture is being mentioned to me. He asked me, do you really know this man called “Frank Egbodo as it known by friends and admirers as Chairman? He gives without a second thought when it comes to humanitarian services.

Again, in the same Badagry early this year, I gave one of my church members 2017 Mindset calendars, while going through the calendar, he saw Prince Frank Egbodo, he exclaimed! This man is good! His personal driver is my brother and I knew Prince Frank Egbodo while still residing at Maza- Maza area of Lagos State. If you see him, tell him Mr. Douglas extending his greetings to him. What surprised then was that Frank Egbodo not only bought a car to his driver but built a comfortable house for him? The lifestyle of Frank Egbodo to see that, everybody around him is making significant progresses in life through new   innovations and discoveries.

 Prince Frank Egbodo is the CEO of Frandys Investments Limited and Charimela Concepts Limited, one of the fastest-growing companies providing bank safes, security doors, vaults and other services across Nigeria and African countries with excellent services to clients.

Precisely over 4years ago while preparing for my wedding and at the same time sharing my wedding cards to some of my pastors’ friends forum, one of the pastors saw Frank Egbodo’s name, he exclaimed again! Do you know this man? He lives in the Island area of Lagos State. We both worked together in the same complex office not the same company. When preparing for my wedding then, he supported my wedding greatly and handsomely. In Fact, he is a good man to the core. Two days later, I met this young pastor, Kingsley Uche said, I called chairman and he said he knows about the wedding invitation of yours.

In this platform, we not just promote people for monetary gains but for legacies and records for those that want to toe the path of philanthropic gestures in life. Giving is living. The lists of those Prince Frank Egbodo have affected martially, academically, morally and financially are endless. Others who had mentioned Frank Egbodo name on his philanthropic largesse are Moses Osede, Festus Ejete,Paul Odhegba and hosts of other tribes in Nigeria which he has positively affected over the years.

Lastly, Frank Egbodo is a detribalized philanthropist cum entrepreneur with a difference. His consistency in philanthropic gesture cannot be taken for granted. He remains a man after God’s heart and devoted Deep life worshipper and supporter of Kingdom assignment.







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