Frank Egbodo: Taking Charimela Concept Nigeria Ltd/Frandys Investment Ltd to a New Level

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Prince Frank Egbodo


“Every good product has a good customer”-Godday Odidi

Early last year, I paid a visit to one of my female family friends at the Island area of Lagos State, while discussing on creative business partnership at her uncle well-furnished sitting room, I saw some Charimela Concept Nigeria Limited fliers on the table, I asked her, whether she had met the owner of this company before? She replied in affirmative, that is, this company is a household name that has been providing quality services to clients across Nigeria and Africa.

According to one of the interviews granted to Prince Frank Egbodo,the Umuti-born entrepreneur cum former banker by Gabriovoicenews,one of the fast-growing online media that promotes image making, profile building and objective reporting, said every business needs honesty and integrity to succeed which has helped him to sustain these two sisters’ companies for the past years of its formation.

The ever-easy going entrepreneurial guru believes that business can only make head way when the owner offers quality services to clients.Charimela Concept Nigeria Limited/Frandys Investment Limited offers services like quality home/office doors, kitchen utensils, security doors for banks and other financial institutions and bank safes.

For the past 21 years, Frandys Investment Limited has been providing quality services to clients; it has recorded huge successes from corporate social responsibility to humanitarian services in both Lagos and Delta States.

Charimela Concept Nigeria Limited/Frandys Investment Limited is located at Block D212 Ikota Shopping complex, VGC,Lekki-Ajah area of Lagos State, office opens from Mondays to Fridays by 8am.This Company is surrounded with competent young staffs with team spirit to grow its vision to an enviable height.

One thing that has singled out Prince Frank Egbodo from others is humility and intelligence in business. He has both big and small clients across Nigeria. He has able to establish Charimela Concept Nigeria Limited in the golden books of history of providing quality services to clients in Nigeria.

If Charimela Concept Nigeria Limited provides services to clients, it is very difficult to complain because Prince Frank Egbodo prefers to give his clients excellent services to bring more clients to the company which has helped him in sustaining the company growth in the face of present economic recession and hardship in Nigeria.

Prince Frank Egbodo is a man that has entrepreneurial skills in developing new businesses that have economic growth for sustainability.Charimela Concept Nigeria Limited has remained one of the progressive businesses with professional services to clients. If you patronize this company for quality doors and others, your money will equate the value you paid for the services.  


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