Frank Okorie: A Young Generous Personality with Humility.

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Frank Okorie



The few occasions I have been with the CEO of J5 Lounge and Bar/Halfdon Enterprise, Mr. Frank Okorie has over time exhibited generous capacity and personable humility to people around him and beyond.

If his younger brother,Mr.Nnamdi Okorie,CEO of And One Hotel and Suites told recently that he humbly learnt hospitality ideas from his elder brother,Mr.Frank Okorie,it was not just blowing it out of proportion but was accurate with the facts.

His openness and humility attracts to him. Frank Okorie is one young man that has respect for not just people around him but his least employed workers.

One thing I learnt from Frank Okorie, the day his younger brother was opening his hospitality business in Ajegunle, almost all his workers in his J5 Lounge and bar were deployed there to grow the business together, that is kindness of progressive mindset on the personality of Mr.Frank Okorie.

The essence of this innovative idea is that Frank Okorie wants his younger brother to grow fast in this hospitality business by bringing experienced hands to it.

With his solid family background and educational exposure, Frank Okorie is gradually creating hospitable legacies for his family and generation unborn in Africa.

His productive thought in hospitality business remains legendary in the sands of time. He remains one young man that sees beyond today in the global business world.





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