Frank Okorie: Rebranding Hospitality Business to World-Class Standard in Africa

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Chief Oni



“Quality Business attracts good customers”-Godday Odidi


I have taken my precious time in visiting some of the hospitality businesses operating in Ajegunle in recent times, some look like notorious chalets where only prostitutes and armed bandits patronize.

It is difficult to see reasonable entertainment lovers patronizing such environment that is not fully secured and protected.

Mr.Frank Okorie prominently called as’Chief Oni’ by friends and followers has rebranded hospitality into world-class one that both rich and poor clients patronize in Ajegunle.

J5 Lounge and Bar is also used for photo shots and video shots for entertainers in Ajegunle too.

Nightlife is fast becoming a lucrative business in Nigeria that requires huge financial strength and full security protection to keep the business growing at all levels.

Chief Oni is a young man that is always determines to make hospitality business a brand in Africa.

According to him, no hospitality business or nightlife business grows without full security protection.Ajegunle is a place that is profitable in hospitality business but J5 Lounge and Bar wouldn’t have been rebranded fast if security is not taken into consideration first.

No doubt, the Okories have taken hospitality business as their passion and always ready to put their best to it.

Again, Chief Oni’s humility to clients always taking the business to an enviable height of entrepreneurial leadership in Nigeria.

He remains a young hospitality guru that knows the onions of nightlife business in Africa.  




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