Frank Okorie:A Young Hospitality Magnate cum Philanthropist with Passion for Entrepreneurial Excellence

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“Nobody can manage your business better than you as the owner”-Frank Okorie, J5 boss

On the 12th of January, 2018, I booked an appointment with Mr.Frank Okorie, Managing Director of J5 Loud and Bar and Hafdon Enterprise for 5pm to interview him on the secret success of his business. This was my second time to be at J5 and my first time was when Mr. Christopher Ogosi, popularly called as “General Kito”,CEO Kingston Records had his one month musical tour across some high-class bars in Ajegunle which included J5.

After several hours of waiting for J5 boss with my team, he later arrived and the interview commenced.Though, we have not met but longing to see each other through the social media platform.

Before the arrival of J5 boss from Lekki area of Lagos State, his architectural edifice was well-built and his workers were well organized and smart.Initially, the environment was boring when I arrived with my team, few hours later, the boring environment became crowded with customers requesting for their choice drinks and roasted fishes. Every J5 staff was putting on smiling look to their customers while attending to their needs.

What I learnt from J5 boss on that day was that even at his absence, his business was thriving because his entrepreneurial mechanism has been put in place to grow the business to an enviable height of life.

His hospitality leadership is worthy of emulation to the core. One thing I observed at J5 is the mammoth crowd of customers struggling to get their sitting space for relaxation and comfort. I asked myself what is so special about J5 that other hotels and bars cannot provide to their customers. Even customers were sitting on empty crates of drinks to enjoy themselves as the DJ was busy thrilling the customers with the mixture of old and new vibes.

The University of Benin computer science  graduate who once lived in Ajegunle now turns hospitality guru in Nigeria while granting interview with said his business is on innovative move to attract customers to J5.Business grows when the owner puts extra effort on it without depending much on its managers or workers.

As a well-travelled young business mogul, his humility is second to none in Africa. With much wealth and connection at his hands, he remains faithful and committed to business etiquettes and God. His philanthropic legacy in Ajegunle is worthy of emulation to the core.

Frank Okorie is a young man with few words with silent achievements in hospitality business in Africa.J5 has become the number one hospitality business in Ajegunle attracting both the rich and the poor in entertainment development. Security protection of customers is excellent and superb with fierce-looking bouncers at the entrance of J5. One thing you cannot take away from Frank Okorie is love for innovative mindset in rebranding his business while his competitors have no choice than to improve on their own businesses too. He remains a young philanthropist with large heart for grassroots development in Africa.


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