Frank Okorie:Happy Birthday to a World-Class Hospitality Magnate Cum Passionate Philanthropist

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Mr.Frank Okorie



“Birthdays are the reminder of when a man or woman was born into the earth by his or her biological parents”-Godday Odidi


Few hours to his birthday on the 28th of December,2019,the CEO of Mindset Media Limited.Mr.Godday Odidi was the first medium to celebrate the Chief Executive Officer of J5 Lounge and Bar/Halfdon Enterprises,Mr.Frank Okorie popularly called  by friends and fans as’J5’ before others follow suit.

With the torrents of comments from prominent Ajegunle people and friends show how J5 has really affected his people with his little resources and his amiable carriage is worthy of emulation to the core.

One thing to be successful from your grassroots and another thing how your grassroots accepts you matters in one’s life.J5 is a young man that has passion for Ajegunle development through hospitality business. He drew the attention of hospitality players and fun seekers to Ajegunle with his hard-earned resources.

A good man is known by his good deeds in life and today, J5 is being celebrated as young iconic philanthropist whose excellent services to humanity is highly honoured and respected by Ajegunle people.

When it comes to humility, J5 is accessible to friends and customers unlike some of his equals who made wealth and scared of associating with the grassroots. He is a brand hospitality guru that has love for the poor. He has received many awards to his credit and committed to humanity. Once again, happy born day, God bless your new age in Jesus name amen.




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