From Mentorship to Destiny Helpers-Godday Odidi

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“Destiny helpers are few but promise makers are many”-Godday Odidi


I spent hours reading about profiles of great people from nobody to somebody on daily basis and I realized that their greatness manifested through divine destiny helpers.

Many people who became successful in their professions always used this words’Hardwork and Smartness ‘but the truth is that destiny helpers gave them the lift of life.

“If you live in Lagos and you go to any busy bus stations, you see everybody in hurry to work or their business locations in the morning. But everybody seems to be serious in life and only few would become successful through destiny helpers”. Your hardwork or smartness can’t measure your success in life.

I have been writing legacy books for the past three years struggling to publish and when someone see us on facebook, they assumed those coming to our awards event giving us millions of naira but the truth is that we are yet to get our real destiny helpers in life.

FCMB gave a child a scholarship who was doing her school assignment with  ATM light and somebody saw the child and was moved and posted it on instagram.The person became a destiny helper to that child.

You remembered that young girl Success from Sapele who said to her teachers, ‘they go flog and they go tire’ and somebody saw the girl and videoed it and posted it on facebook.God brought destiny helpers to Success and her family today.

Sometimes, I’ m not moved by students displaying their first class degrees on the social media particularly those who studied in abroad. Their parents were their destiny helpers to fulfill dreams on earth. There are 10000 brains on the streets of Africa praying for helpers to rescue their destinies.

The Chimmanda Adiche the great international female literary icon will celebrate today couldn’t have fulfilled her dreams without her parents. Some destiny helpers are your direct parents.

Hardwork pays but whom God uses to see your hardwork becomes necessary in life.

At this moment of my life, I need divine helpers’ not praise-singing mentors or advisers.

You might be the best in your class not the best in life. Many destinies are wallowing in poverty because helpers did not identify them.

If you take cognizance on those who made it to the top, they had destiny helpers and dreams were fulfilled.

Don’t be deceived by sugar-coated people who felt that their success stories depend on their hardwork and smartness. It is a fat lie!

We live in a world that is full of envies and nobody is ready to help a destiny to shine except few hearts who believe vanity has no place in heaven.

I’m a good watcher of American wrestlers and I discovered that each wrestler has a blood line that runs in the family history. Their success stories in wrestling lies on their destiny wrestling helpers either through the family or somebody who saw greatness tucked in them.

Destiny helpers differ, some are met to recommend you for greater opportunities in life and while some are met to shoulder your responsibilities at all cost.

I cannot do without writing a story on daily basis because I have seen the hard times of life and only few understands my stance in life.

Even at my level in the online journalism, I’m still praying for real destiny helpers not story telling helpers. Those who can invest on my writing career without a second thought.

“If I invest in the life of Godday Odidi’, I won’t regret because he would also invest in the lives of others in the same career line. Destiny helpers think about future destinies not immediate wants from those they are helping”.

Destiny helpers do not think of his or her gains in one’s life. If God destined you to help don’t hesitate to do it for someone.

All the great people in the world we celebrate today were all helped by somebody.

All the real philanthropists in this world did not become philanthropists suddenly but they were all motivated by someone to help humanity.

For example, Pastor David Ibiyeomie presently is building the biggest church in Africa now. To you, his spiritual gift that gave him the lift but the truth is that God used some members to fulfill his ministerial destiny. The big preachers will celebrate today were all helped by people that understand greatness of life.

Nigeria is blessed with human and capital resources but we have few thankful helpers and many avaricious people making things difficult for the real achievers.

Only in Africa, somebody will be praying for you, all is well with you knowing full well he or she has the financial capacity to put smile on your face but waiting for your destiny to be snatched by heart attack.

These days, you see young people going into crime, have you asked yourself why such heinous crime? Frustration and greed led many to it.

Look at the billions of naira stolen by former Nigerian politicians and it is sad we are being ruled by callous and greedy leaders.

Our prayers today, God send me a real divine helper that knows my pains not praise-singing helpers.

Real helpers support gifts they admire not force. If someone can preach Jesus Christ and helpers can support such gift, then such person is destined to fulfill goals on earth.

2020 is a year of divine helpers not mentors. There is a stage in man’s life; you need people who can easily interpret your dreams for you.

It is sometimes difficult to continue to express your pains publicly when those that ought to help your destiny are busy making promises why their goals being fulfilled by others.

In 2018, I almost gave up my passion; I felt that people I gave massive publicity in their businesses and life didn’t value it. I almost lost my life and God brought me back to earth to continue where I stopped.

So many thousands of people dying without fulfilling their dreams on earth. Divine helpers are few looking for whom to help in life. Only God will help us to reach our desirable destinies on earth in Jesus name amen.









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