Good Wealth Comes from the Lord Says Bishop Umunna

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Bishop Umunna



Presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC) and ever-smiling dramatic teacher of our time, Bishop Leonard Umunna has called on Christians in Nigeria to remain committed to the service of God, adding that faithfulness and kindness can attract our divine blessings to us as Christians.

Speaking during the Mid-week service on a topic ‘If you don’t add and subtract, you cannot make it in the Lord’ with scriptural references to Luke 22:32 and John 15:2, Bishop Umunna said, Christians must learn to add and subtract certain things that are unproductive in their lives.

Going forward in life, there are people that are not needed to be in the same ship of progress and some funny lifestyles must be corrected to attract divine blessings of God.

Bishop Umunna said Jesus Christ died for our sake to be rich and to succeed in life. As Christians you must remove poverty mentality from our lives.

“If your thoughts are negative, it prevents someone’s progress in life. Subtract inferior complex and racism from your lives as Christians.”

Speaking futher, he said positive confessions always bring good blessings to man’s life. Selfishness must be deleted from our minds.

In all, every believer must have the spirit of love and discipline to succeed in life. You must subtract negative things from your lives, he advised.


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