Great event tomorrow,Godday Odidi Aguriase will be there to meet men that are far better than me and I m ready to learn from their dictionary of knowledge,If you want to be great in life meet with people that are far better than you in life.I love celebrating men with good heart not local champions.Dr.Ogaga Ifowodo, NDDC commissioner representing Delta State at large,you are indeed a great orator and writer.Copied from Blessyn Okpowo fb page,a renowned journalist and media consultant of our time with humble spirit.Another Prof Wole Soyinka of Isoko Nation.My first interview with him in 2014 when had interest to contest Isoko/North Federal Constituency,sent a representative via Asaba to interview him,the feed back was Dr Ogaga Ifowodo was a man of books and full of literary terms.I celebrate a man of the pen-push profession and an international lecturer with distinction,I learn from your wisdom of knowledge

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Dr.Ogaga Ifowodo