Greatest Revival Coming Soon in Nigeria-Bishop Ogbeta

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Bishop Isaac Ogbeta, the USA-based preacher cum best selling Christian literature writer has reiterated his coming to Nigeria soon.

According to Bishop Ogbeta via online, said Nigeria will experience another greatest revival, the type of which the world have never seen before is underway as the 3rd world war looming with great trepidation. Anyone who is going through pains and severe suffering must believe that Jesus Christ is the messiah and savior and shall be freed indeed. You shall be saved and received supernatural miracles because the more the Israelites were oppressed and persecuted in Egypt by King Pharaoh, the more they grew and multiplied in all their fronts. The more the attack of the enemies against your life, the more blessings you shall receive in Jesus name amen.

Both believers and unbelievers must look up for their redemption as this greatest revival draws closer. I have prophesied that there will be 3rd world war which will be fought with the nuclear weapon and 1/3 of the world population will die. This 3rd world war will be caused by some powerful countries of this world. This 3rd world war will be inevitable because the word of God in the book of revelation had prophesied and it must come to pass.

Speaking further, Bishop Ogbeta said, God is in charge of Nigeria’s situation and so the enemies are only fighting the last battles, he added.


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