Happy Birthday to Mr.Etumnu Justice Chukwuebuka,a professional photographer with creative mindset in Africa

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Happy birthday to a highly trained professional photographer cum cinematographer,2012 Mindset photographer of the year,Mr.Etumnu Justice Chukwuebuka, the man behind my photos on facebook and one of my best friends who saw greatness in Mindset 6 years ago and stood by encouraging me to improve and work with the 21st century vision.You are indeed a great friend with creative mindset.I remain faithful,Golden International,a young man with innovative ideas in entrepreneurial leadership.He was the first guys in our ghetto then who said to me “Professor”,you must start now..May God protect your new age in Jesus name amen.More accolades and awards coming in your way.I respect you brother for your innovative digital photographing in Africa.

Mr.Etumnu Justice Chukwuebuka


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