How God Uses Bishop Umunna to Turn Crossover Night to Miracle Victory Night

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Bishop Umunna



Crossover night is one of the popular last service programmes of every church across the globe and Africa. It is a night that heralds the New Year and every church is always filled to the brim from members and non-members that want to start the New Year in God’s presence.

Crossover night is a night that is full of expectations and prophecies from ordained preachers and followers want to get spiritual directions and guidelines to live faithfully in the New Year.

On the 31st of December, 2018, exactly 11pm, Bible Life Church Cathedral Worldwide (BLCC) kicked-off its crossover night which is popularly tagged as ‘Victory to Victory Night’ at the church successland camp with praise and worship led by the Bible Life church choir followed by intensive prayer session with Bible Life Church prayer warriors.

It was a session that electrified the congregation ahead of the New Year declaration by the presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral Worldwide (BLCC), Bishop Leonard Umunna.

Theafter, another spirit-filled deliverance minister of the church recounted the activities of 2018 and the achievements so far.

Few minutes into the New Year declaration, the church had testimony session where some faithful members came out to testify the goodness of God upon their lives and how God used Bishop Umunna to save them from imminent danger of satanic devices.

Bishop Umunna led a praise and worship session to herald 2019 and exactly 12am, he declared the year with abundant blessings for the children of God.

After the official declaration by Bishop Leonard Umunna, Pastor Lawrence, the presenter of the programme called on members to present their different tribal songs in another session.

The Bible Life Church Cathedral choir presented two special songs to welcome Bishop Umunna to the altar to declare the New Year prophecies which every member was in high hope to know their faith for 2019.

It was a moment of high hope as Bishop Umunna declared 2019 as a year of light and breakthrough for committed Christians that are ready to follow the path of righteousness.

Those indulging in evil practices shall be exposed this year and God will make many women to be fruitful with children. I see many becoming millionaires by following God’s instructions to wealth making.

Bishop Umunna advised Christians to be faithful in giving to God’s works and ready to receive abundant blessings in life.

This session of prophecy by Bishop Umunna took about two hours and as the service was round up with special songs from different ethnic groups in the church. God revealed His marvelous works in the life of Bishop Umunna.






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