How H2i Used Skills Acquisition Training to Renew the Minds of Niger State People

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“Good leadership comes with creativity”-Godday Odidi


It was a moment of joy for the lives of Niger State people as Helping Hands International Concept (H2i) brought rebranded skills acquisition training to their doorsteps through the vibrant team players of H2i.

At the 2018 H2i mega car award held at Golden Tulip Hotel,Festac Town,Lagos, Ambassador Obitex Emmanuel promised the vibrant audience and members that attended the event, that H2i skills acquisition training and empowerment programmes would cover all the 36 states of Nigeria and Abuja as the capital city has been one of the leading cities benefitting from H2i humanitarian activities since the organization came to Nigeria.

H2i brought innovative skills acquisition training to Niger State people that exposed their minds to a new lease of life. They were taught on shoe making, painting, computer, bead making, bag making, cloth making and other industrial trainings to better their lives. The training was specifically designed by H2i to train Niger State people on creative design outlook of their products in the market.

After the training, H2i gave out certificates of training and participation to these determined participants of the event. It was a moment of joy seeing top traditional rulers also embracing the training with smiling faces.

Mrs.Ifeoma Ngoka, one of the highest directors of H2i in Africa must be commended for adding intellectual colors to this event that brought dignitaries from all walks of life into one hall to participate in this skills acquisition training in Niger State.

H2i is not just a networking platform for mere jokers but for people that want to have creative future for their families. Niger State people would never forget this innovative training in hurry because H2i team players are much prepared to kick out poverty from the lives of Nigerians by being self-independent than relying on the government for everything in their lives.

Ambassador Obitex Emmanuel must be commended with his energetic team players for taking H2i to a greater height in Nigeria.H2i is one of the surviving networking platforms that has virtually covered on the states in Nigeria with an innovative skills acquisition training that no networking platform in Africa has embarked upon since their existence. The skills acquisition training also had wide media coverage to the core.H2i remains the best Non-governmental organization in Africa that has future for its members and non-members.   


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