HOW TO GET THROUGH THE PRESSURE OF THE MOMENT. Message by Rev’d Dr. Silas John continuation.28/04/2019

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Rev.Silas John

King Saul’s inability to manage the pressure of the moment cost him his throne – 1 Samuel 13:6-14.
But in Isaac we saw the importance of managing well the pressure of the moment.
It was Isaac’s proper management of the pressure of the moment that gave him victory over his enemy at Gerar of Philistines.
It doesn’t matter what your pressure of the moment is – it may be lack of job, late marriage, health problems, childlessness, or even what to eat like Esau.
A birthright was a special honour given to the firstborn son.
It included a double portion of the family inheritance along with honour of one day becoming the family’s leader.
The oldest son could sell his birthright or give it away if he chose, but in so doing, he would lose both material goods and leadership position.
The price paid by Jesus on the cross, was a special honour given to us to take our place in life.
You either prepare to go through the pressures of the moment to possess it, or you allow the pressures of the moment to snatch it from you.
By trading his birthright, Esau showed complete disregard for the spiritual blessings that would have come his way if he had kept it.
In effect, the Bible says, ” Esau despised his birthright. “(Genesis 25:34).
Esau traded the lasting benefits of his birthright for immediate pleasure of food.
He acted on impulse, satisfying his immediate desires without pausing to consider the long-range consequences of what he was about to do.
We can fall into the same trap. When we see something we want, our first impulse is to get it.
At first we feel intensely satisfied and sometimes even powerful because we have obtained what we set out to get.
But immediate pleasure often loses sight of the future.
We can avoid making Esau’s mistake by comparing the short-term satisfaction with the long-range consequences before we act.
Esau exaggerated his hunger. ” I am about to die.” he said.
This thought made his choice much easier because he was starving, what good was an inheritance anyway?
The pressure of the moment distorted his perspective and made his decision seem urgent.


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