Humility Leads to Greatness Says Chief Alapini

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Executive Director of Micura Services Limited and award-winning Maritime expert, Chief Tunde Alapini has cautioned Nigerian youths to exhibit humility in their lives if success must come to them.

In a chat with Gabrio Voice at his office, Chief Alapini recalled how he was nurtured from a humble background with reputable legacies and today, it has paved way for me in all my pursuits in life. Most of our youths these days are very lazy and only waiting for fish without improving their lives for future task.

Every youth must develop the mindset of humility if he or she must succeed in life. To be great in life, you must follow real principles of life to get to the top.Micura Services Limited has come so far as a result of diversification of ideas and visions in the maritime industry. We are still in business today because we diversified our company to other areas to increase our financial productivity.

He explained further that God has been faithful to him for the past 44 years and as a trained marketer, everybody is important in business.Micura Services Limited has come to stay because we work as team players and Chief Michael Ubogu is a leader with productive vision.

I have learnt many humanitarian commitments from my boss; Michael Ubogu.Giving to the poor opens the keys of heaven to a man that is faithful on earth. The Ajegunle Chiefs Association is not a cult group but people with track records who once resided in Ajegunle and ready to help humanity. We are ready to put smiles on many Ajegunlites.

He noted that the road reconstruction in Apapa is a welcome development, though it has crippled many economic activities but there is need to endure pains for more vibrant economic activities in the future, he added.



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