I Am Mandated By God to Help Ajegunle Artists Says General Kito

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A renowned grassroots music producer and maritime entrepreneur, Mr Christopher Ogosi popularly known as ‘General Kito’has expressed his profound love on why he was mandated by God to help Ajegunle artists to realize their dreams in music.

Speaking with Gabriovoice.com, Mr. Christopher Ogosi said God has mandated him to be helper to young Ajegunle artists by training them on music academy and to be self-independent in life. Nobody can tell me the music history of Ajegunle because I started this music promotion in 2004 and registered my label in 2006 only to realize that only few believed in my vision then. I had to park off to further my education in life.

As a Masters Degree holder in Logistics and Planning, somebody who had passed through excruciating poverty knows the pain of the shoes. That is why today, I prefer to help Ajegunle artists to fulfill their music dreams in life. As the CEO of Kingston Records, our goal is not just to promote Ajegunle artists but to train them on music instruments at professional level.

In Kingston records, our target to promote artists from ages of 15 to 25.Not that we are not promoting artists above 35 years of age but these artists will be eager to work into fame through the dint of hard work and sheer determination. Most musicians in Ajegunle lost their directions because they felt they have arrived and thought music producers were using them to mint money.Ajegunle artists must develop the attitude of humility if they must succeed in their music careers.

Ogosi added that his goal to train musicians to be international figures not local figures. At present some Ajegunle artists are undergoing my music academy and by October to November, we shall be having musical tours across Nigerian states and my music gallery house will be completed soon by the grace of God, he added.


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