I Became an Employer of Labour @33 Says Sir.Jerry, Porsche Oil Group of Companies Boss

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Sir.Jerry Wanodi


Stories by Godday Odidi(aguri_god@yahoo.co.uk 08063458693)


Sir.Jerry Wanodi is the Chairman/President of Porsche Oil Group of Companies, one of the fastest growing international oil and gas companies creating huge employment of labour to youths and adults in Africa. He became a serial entrepreneur at 33, after graduated from the University of Lagos as a Computer Scientist and worked with some reputable organizations in Nigeria to have experience in entrepreneurial leadership development.

According to Sir. Jerry Wanodi, Nigeria has huge potentialities but being placed in wrong leadership positions. Nigeria is not set for jet age but other advanced countries and leaders have moved forward in the jet age of creative business development and growth.

The Rivers State-born oil and gas entrepreneur cum magnate spoke with Gabriovoice.com at his well-furnished office at Lekki area of Lagos State on how he became a serial entrepreneur at 33 and why youths must take their destinies into their hands without blaming government or their parents for their failures in life.




I am from Ozuaha Kingdom in Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State. I grew up in the village with my parents and they were big-time farmers with strong Christian faith. That background built by Christian faith today in life. While living in the village as a small boy, I told myself one thing in life, I will make it despite my average background. I came to Lagos in 1990 to live with my aunty, I was very young and I attended Gideon Comprehensive High School, Isolo and proceeded to the University of Lagos where I studied Computer Science and came out in flying colours,thereafter, did my NYSC at Abuja Secretariat. Worked briefly with some reputable companies and kicked off my company in 2010 at the age of 33.I have a driving passion for entrepreneurial leadership particularly the oil and gas sector and other diversified businesses to create employment opportunities for youths and adults in Africa.


Entrepreneurial motivation

I wanted economic freedom in my life by creating jobs for people and live a desirable life I aimed to be while growing up as a youth in life. I ventured into the oil and gas sector with one goal to be the best and invest on areas with economic and humanitarian benefits.

What Porsche Oil Group of Companies is all about?

It is a Conglomerate of Oil group of Companies that has many subsidiaries under it. Porsche Oil Group Companies has been existing for a while but it was incorporated in 2010 to run corporate businesses with profitable targets in the oil and gas sector. It assembles professional staffers with required skills in business development. We are into EPC,dredging,oil services and oils fields,brokers,exploration& productions, offshore operations,ICT,Real Estate, import & Export, sales & supplies of Nigerian Bonny light crude oil to buyers P.O.D and others. What have sustained Porsche Oil Group of Companies are integrity, hardwork, consistency, focus and dedication to quality services to clients.


Politics and Business

I ‘m not a politician but I have friends that are politicians to the core. I want to remain a private person in business. We have wrong people in leadership positions which many advanced countries and leaders are inventing on the use of electric cars but in Nigeria we are still practicing outdated agricultural system. In the 70s, we talked about Agriculture, 80s industrialization, 90s, oil and gas, 21st century, ICT but we are not inventing to join the global world. Electric cars might not work in Nigeria because of the erratic power supply always. If we must get it right now, the government must advance in leadership development but unfortunately those that were in power while I was a small boy in the village still presently in power, so how will the developmental change come? The world richest people are all in ICT development now while in Nigeria, we are still talking about oil and gas.


Business Diversification

What has sustained Porsche Oil Group of companies is diversification. We are not afraid if electric cars coming into Nigeria in the next few years. We are strategizing on new areas to build strong business networks at global level.


Success and Challenges

God has been faithful to us over the years. I came from a very strong Christian background that has helped me to grow my business. Grace has kept us in business. Challenges will always come, it all depends on each individual understanding but to us, God is wonderful.


Youth Craziness for Wealth

You cannot totally blame the youth of this 21st century; it is the driving forces of computer age with different ways of making wealthy in life either negative or positive. But, I will always encourage youths to work harder and be smarter in life; don’t blame your parents for not succeeding in life. Your destiny belongs to you not anybody. You must not indulge in dubious means to make wealth in life as a youth.


In the Next 5years, what can you envisage about Porsche Oil Group of Companies?

To be multinational and be a global conglomerate that would employ massive foreigners and blacks into the company. My team is working assiduously to see that this vision is globally reputed.


Advice for Nigerian entrepreneurs and government


Every young entrepreneur must start small in life. We started this Porsche Oil Group of Companies from the Mainland and today we are in the highland. Integrity and perseverance has kept us growing in the oil and gas sector for the past years. Young entrepreneurs must think big and start small to achieve their set goals in life. Government must work with private sectors to boost the economy globally. Security is a global issue but it must be tackled with proactive measures by political leaders in power.


Social life and humanitarian development

On humanitarian development, God has been wonderful to us. I love worshipping and building the house of God. This title Ishimini 1 of Ozuaha Kingdom was given to me by the youth in my community. Success must humble you and so our social activities have continued to expand us in all ramifications. I cannot run away from my family responsibilities and so I must attend functions that needed my presence. Life is all about making impacts to people around you.














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