I have Created over 5000 Jobs – Ubogu

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Chief Ubogu


  Managing Director of Micura Services Limited, High Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu has called on all entrepreneurs to create more jobs for youths in order to reduce criminality in Nigeria.

According to the Delta-born entrepreneur said he started his company with some little challenges but was able to overcome it with determination. I did not go into Maritime business because I want to mint money but my passion drove me into it. One thing is to mint money and another thing to use that money wisely which some Nigerians spend their money wastefully on parties and invest on wrong businesses with no immediate profits.

  Ubogu said it was very difficult for him then to raise #5million initial capital to start Micura Services Limited but with God on his side, he was able to weather the storm. To be successful in business as an entrepreneur, you must learn to cut your coat according to your cloth because extravagant lifestyle will terminate your business. Some Nigerians will mint money and live flamboyant lifestyles than investing on profit-making businesses to in order to secure their old ages. I could remember vividly when I started Micura Services Limited, I was investing on my company to be known in the Maritime industry through the media but some accused me of financial wastage but I knew what I wanted then. Life is all about making impact in your immediate environment in Nigeria.

 He also added that contentment is one principle that makes Micura Services Limited to be known in the Stevedoring companies in Nigeria. If you want to grow your business, honesty and faithfulness must take charge and you must not compromise. Business fails when we continue to put money first than credibility. God has created me to be a life teacher where my experiences count in my calling. You can be educated but if you are not creative, you have a problem. I don’t inflate prices on contracts but take cognizance on my dealings with people. My joy is to make poor people happy in life. Creating over 5000 jobs was not a day job but I foresaw massive unemployment which prompted me to be a dignified entrepreneur in Nigeria. Everybody cannot be like Dangote,he added.


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