I hawked Purified Natural Water in Major Traffic Gridlocks in Lagos-Omobarca

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Francis Chima



Mr Francis Chima Bartholomew is the Managing Director of ChimFrancee Ventures, a company that deals on clearing and forwarding, imports and exports and general consulting. He is one of the youngest Ajegunle philanthropists that God is using to uplift people from nobody to somebody. He is popularly called by friends and business associates as’Omobarca’ and other nomenclatures as Jesus Ajegunle,Jesus Ifelodun,Jesus Alafia,Aj Authrority,King of Legit and Team of Obama.His philanthropic legacy is worthy of emulation to the core. Having passed through the wilderness of poverty of life but never gave up even when his parents could not afford him a good school and three square meal per day as a kid; he did several odd jobs to succeed in life. His first salary as a secondary school graduate was N2800 and it was later increased to N4400 and now the struggle has become history in life. The Abia-born entrepreneur cum philanthropist believes that everybody around him needs to put on smiling faces irrespective of life battles.  In this exclusive interview with Gabriovoicenews.com, Omobarca enumerated his journey of life to his present status and why youths in Nigeria should continue to workhard and get fulfilled in all their endeavours in life.


Let’s meet you sir?

The journey of my life to this present status never started today. I ‘m not rich but just be blessed and favoured by God almighty that created me to exist on this planet earth. I attended many secondary schools due to excruciating poverty that almost sent my family back to the village. It came to a stage in my life as a young boy; I became a street urchin where my parents could not lord over me anymore. Inside my heart, I wanted a good life that is appreciable by people on earth but poverty limited my thinking faculty then. I attended Achievers Academy college,Temidare school and Newland Secondary school, wrote both SSCE and GCE examinations and passed in flying colours.In that year, I wrote JAMB and scored 187 while the cut-off mark of the school I filled was 200.So,I could not be admitted. All my school fees registration was done by me through hawking of purified natural water, chin chin and others.

How did you succeed at hawking in Lagos?

First, after my secondary second days, I got employed in Ok Natural Water at Festac Town,Lagos and my salary for the month was N2800.I was very happy being employed in a factory work and it was not easy doing this job but I had no option. As time went on, my salary was increased to N4400.I took my first salary to my father and he prayed for me to succeed in life. While growing up, with my meager salary, I loved sharing my little money to friends while many tagged me as a ‘typical fool’ but I knew what I was doing then. It came to a stage in my life, I felt worried in working in a factory work with no future.So, and I met a friend who was dealing on retail credit cards at Ikoyi who lived in the same area with me in Ifelodun LCDA. I told him to show me the business; he reluctantly gave me some tips on the business while he was sharing the large profit for himself. I did not worry because the credit card business was more profitable than the factory work I was doing. So, I was taking the credit cards to major traffic hold ups in Lagos with my friends. It was a thriving business, selling at major traffic gridlocks but was dangerous in nature. I hawked purified natural water, Lemon plus chin chin, credit cards and others.

How did you come into clearing and forwarding business?

After a while, I was fed of hawking business because I saw a terrible accident that took away one of us that were hawking on the road.So,I went back to Ikoyi where I was selling different credit cards(GLO,MTN and ECONET now AITEL) to customers and I was directly dealing with all the mobile companies in Lagos. At that time, my uncle was into clearing and forwarding business, so my parents told him to teach me the business but we could not see for a while.Until, he saw me at my hawking point and asked me to see him at his office in Apapa.That was how I started learning the act of clearing and forwarding before I graduated into my own business. I thought my uncle was using me to enrich himself but unknown to me; he was training me for greater exploit in this business. I give glory to God for using him to teach me the wealth of life.

Can you rate yourself as a rich man?

Point of correction, I’m not a rich man but just being blessed and favoured by God almighty that made me to see today. My background was so bad that nobody in my street ever thought that I would make it to this present level. I’m not rich but love giving to humanity.

Many claimed that you are into a dubious business, how true is it?

Everybody around me knows how I started roughly in life. It came to a stage in my life that the clearing and forwarding business was not moving again, I have to switch into lotto playing but could not achieve my desirable result in life. My businesses are genuine and I don’t have any skeleton in my cupboard. Giving has been part of my life as a kid then. If you must succeed in clearing and forwarding business, you must have enough money to clear clients’ goods from the port always. By doing so, clients will be giving you more jobs to clear for them.  That is why, ChimFrancee Ventures is one the fast-growing Clearing and Forwarding companies in Apapa.

With your busy schedule in business, how are you coping with your family?

I don’t play with my wife and children. God has been faithful to me in my marriage. When you have a good wife that understands your business, it gives you joy to make great progress in life.

You never wished to live above 70 years on earth, why?

The Holy Bible said threescore and ten, a score is 20, and total score is 70 years. If a man lives 70 years and fulfilled his destiny is better than a man living above 70 years without fulfilling his destiny on earth.



What is your advice for today’s youths in Nigeria?

They should continue to work hard and pray for God to help them succeed in life. The mindset of stinginess must be removed from their hearts. If you must have a genuine breakthrough in life, learn to be a magnanimous giver to the core and learn to invest on lucrative businesses in life. Nobody that cannot make it in life, if someone like me that had no financial background could become somebody whom everybody is celebrating today,then,there is hope for every youth that has passion for greatness on earth.  








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