I Lost My Mother When I was 14years Old Says Omobarca

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One of the beliefs of Mr. Francis Chima Bartholomew (a.k.a Omobarca) is that, everybody that God has blessed with wealth should learn to give out humanitarianly with love. We came into this world with nothing and we shall live with nothing. He has over time impacted lives positively through genuine almsgiving to the commoners. He grew up from the street and never allowed the street to determine his life. At 35, he has achieved great feat that some 60 years old people can’t achieve in their lifetime. In this exclusive interview with Gabriovoice.com, he speaks how he lost his mother at 14 while in J.S.S 11,35th birthday bash and other sundry issues.



Growing Up

I grew up from the street but never allowed the street to determine my future. It was a bitter experience but God’s favour summed it all for me. My mother died on August 13th, 1997, that is four days to my birthday when I was 14years old in J.S.S 11, I thought all hope was lost. Hawking from traffic gridlocks to credit card business and to lotto business boosted my growing up in life. I attended different secondary schools due to difficulty in paying my school fees but has God would have it, I finally finished at Temidare High School where I came out in flying colours and also attended some professional courses to improve on my educational background too. As the journey continued, I served my uncle, Mr.Osondu Nwachukwu,Managing Director NwaGod& Bros Ventures to learn the act of freight forwarding and I graduated to be become a proud founder of ChimFrancee Ventures.


State of Origin

I was born on the 18th of August 1983 to a humble family of Chief Mrs. Francis Nkemodum Atumah(a.k.a Evu 1) of Olokoro town,Okwu community in Umuahia South Local Government Area of Abia State. My father today is a recognized traditional title holder in my community and his fatherly role in prayers for me is working well for his old age.


Ajegunle Experience (Ifelodun LCDA)


Ajegunle taught me how to work harder and be self-independent in life. I resided in Alafia Street to Agbamu street and to Turner street where I relocated to Iba New Site but left again as a result of my motorcycle boy that lost his life to a fatal accident. The traffic hold up on daily basis in that area was not friendly, so I decided to relocate to a new area that was nearer to my office in Apapa till date.


Philanthropic Drive

My giving to humanity not to pride myself but to let people know that God can bless anybody on earth. Somebody with no financial historical background could be a philanthropist of such magnitude, and then you can now deduce from this that God’s favour is for everybody not me only. It is the love for humanity that made friends and business associates to be publicly addressing me with different nomenclatures. I’m not the richest on earth but giving to humanity is from my childhood days and passion.


Personality Limelight

It was Oluwanishola Lateef that brought me into grassroots limelight by inviting me to different events in Ifelodun LCDA and Surulere where most of the Ifelodun politicians were in attendance. Everywhere I ‘m invited to, my inputs are always felt as an entrepreneur cum philanthropist in life.


Meritorious Awards

I have received several awards to God’s credit. My first award came from my own community Umuevo Women Association as’Ome Na Nwata’- means doing something when you are small, High Bridge club award as a life patron, National Youth Service Corps award,Kwara State,INRI Evangelical Spiritual Christian as philanthropic supporter of the year and others.


Company formation

As I said early on, after completing the freight forwarding training with my uncle for some years, I left to start my own company and I registered Bathway ventures and Chimfrancee Ventures with the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC).I have over 23 staffers and we are all pursuing the same common goal to grow these companies into conglomerate in the nearest future. We work as team players not bosses and my staffers work from 8am to 5pm sometimes to 11pm but depend on the shipping consignment from our foreign and local clients.


Private Life

I love my wife and beautiful kids that God gave to me. My family, friends and staffers are not left out. I treat everybody equally in life. My passion is giving and putting smiles on people’s faces always.


Foreign Trip

I have travelled to UK with my family and other countries before and I ‘m planning to travel to Spain to meet Lionel Messi, the world-class player of our time.


Birthday Bash

To be 35 years old in life, it is not easy. God has done many great things in my life that I cannot count or explain to the public. I want all my friends, family and well-wishers to come and celebrate with me in grand style and nothing more. This birthday bash is not to show-off wealth but to let young people know that hardwork, prayers and perseverance work for those that are patient in life.


Sports Enthusiasm

I love Barcelona Football Club International. That is my fovourite club of the moment. I love giving hope to young footballers by sponsoring them through Chimfrancee Football Club,by so doing their talents would be showcased to the world.


Entertainment Drive

Singing is an in-built talent that God gave to me while growing up as a kid. That is why anywhere I’m invited to as guest of honour, any artiste or comedian that performs well, I like rewarding them with cash gift. It is just a show of appreciation to such artiste or comedian to work harder in life.


Marriage life

I started making financial progress at 21 and got married at 28.God has been faithful to me in life.



One challenge I had then while living in one particular compound in my former area was that no tenant witnessed any financial progress in life. All my financial progresses were tied in that compound until God came to rescue me from such abysmal backwardness in life. Every man has its own challenges in life.


Advice to youths in Nigeria

Every youth must learn to work harder in life. Money does not grow on trees but only dint of hardwork can draw God to your favour in life.










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