I Love Doing Business and Creating Jobs For the Youths Says Mr.Okorie

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Mr.Frank Okorie


Mr. Frank Okorie is the Managing Director of J5 Loud & Bar and Hafdon Enterprise, one of the fast-growing hospitality businesses making waves in Ajegunle community in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Area of Lagos State, providing quality services to customers over the years. With his foreign exposure in hospitality business, he has able to put J5 as one of the A-class bars in Ajegunle giving customers’ full security services to the core. As a young serial entrepreneur, he has able to create a niche for himself in business and philanthropic development in Nigeria. In this exclusive interview with Gabriovoice.com,he bares his mind on the need to put professional service to hospitality business in Nigeria and other issues at hand.


Gabriovoice: Your entrepreneurial details

Frank Okorie: I’m Mr. Frank Emeka Okorie, the Managing Director of J5 Loud&Bar and Hafdon Enterprise. I attended Hope Bay College, Ajegunle and later proceeded to University of Benin to study computer science. I started J5 Loud&Bar 5 years old in Ajegunle and today I have made the business one of the sought after through God’s wisdom and business exposure.

Gabriovoice: What is your view on the proposed plan protest by a certain religious organization to shut down Ajegunle hotels and bars?

Frank Okorie: To me that move is primitive and archaic. These hotels and bars are bringing massive developments and job creation to Ajegunle community. We should not just look at the negative side of it.Yes; no doubt, some issues must be professionally addressed to sanitize our hospitality business in Ajegunle.Its commercial awareness has helped to bring great musical stars and business moguls to invest their resources in Ajegunle.

Gabriovoice: What is the secret behind the success story of J5 in Ajegunle?

Frank Okorie: There is no secret success story behind J5 except God that has been faithful to us and I love doing business and creating jobs for the youths. I have devoted my time in building this business for the past five years now. Even though, I have a manager managing the business for me, I need to be there to make the business effective. I have spent a lot of money in upgrading this business to this level. I have used this business to attract musical stars and business moguls to grow J5 to this level. In business, you must be financially and creatively committed to it, if you need success in it.Again, in Ajegunle we have stubborn people, but with God, all things are possible in J5.I grew up in Ajegunle here, I know what it takes to run a successful business in a terrain that is mixed with the rich and the poor.

Gabriovoice: How can you curb security threat and competitors in this business in Ajegunle?

Frank Okorie: There was some alleged security threat in J5 but it was some enemies of progress that thought otherwise to bring my business down. It has been resolved. Now our business is fully secured and our services are affordable always.

Gabriovoice: What is your advice for young entrepreneurs still struggling to succeed in life?

Frank Okorie: First, every young entrepreneur must believe in God and focus in life. In business, challenges must come; it all depends on individual way of understanding to tackle such situation. Your regular present in your business is the success key in life and nobody can pilot your vision like you.




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