I Will Be Holding a Revolution Miracle Crusade in Nigeria- Bishop Ogbeta

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Bishop Isaac Ogbeta, the founder of International Pentecostal Churches Worldwide and Worldwide Relief Organization has called on all faithful Christians in Nigeria to wait for his coming and ready to be liberated through his revolution miracle crusade.

According to Bishop Ogbeta who spoke to Gabriovoice.com via online, said, I will be coming home not just to preach the word of God but to demonstrate the power of God through revolution miracle crusade and to help humanity. It is a crusade to expect a million people for divine liberation of wicked powers of the land. Remember when John Baptist sent a messenger to ask Jesus Christ whether He is the real messiah and He replied back to him, the lame work, the blind see and the dead is raised and the gospel is being preached to the poor.

Speaking futher, Bishop Ogbeta said, when God told me that he would use me to shake the whole world and I did not understand until now that God manifested His awesome power in my life and proved to all religions in the world that Jesus Christ is the savoiur. Jesus Christ has proved to all religions in the world like the Jewish, Buddhism, Hinduism, Muslims, that is, He is the only messiah and the kingdom of this world will become the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I want all Christians to be prayerful and steadfast in Nigeria. The coming of Jesus Christ is near and everybody must be prepared to receive Jesus Christ in their lives. To my faithful believers and fans, my coming to Nigeria is near now.

Ogbeta added that Nigerians must prepare their minds for Christ because the world is full of evil and only the undiluted word of God can change the minds of wicked people in the land.


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