I Will Eradicate Poverty from Serra Leone If Elected as President Says Mr.O’Dwyer

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The Presidential Candidate of National Progressive Democrats (NPD),Mr. Patrick O’Dwyer,the Information technologist cum humanitarian expert has called on all Sierra Leoneans to vote massively for a credible candidate like him on March 7 general elections in the country, stressing that only a reliable candidate can give them purposeful and decisive leadership system in Sierra Leone.

Speaking to Gabriovoice.com recently via phone contact in Nigeria,Mr.O’Dwyer,said at 41,he has what it takes to bring democratic dividends to Sierra Leone people if elected as President comes March7,2018.My government will look at critical sectors that demand federal state of emergency to bring our political leadership to limelight in Africa. Critical sectors, like Agriculture, Information technology, health insurance scheme, education, employment, security and justice will be taken care of. My leadership can’t be a failure as an experienced information technologist that has traversed intellectually across the globe and I have the creative potentiality to take my people to the Promised Land.

“I will make sure that the agricultural sector is technologically revamped so that our cocoa production can commence earnestly”. Poverty will be eradicated from Sierra Leone with several empowerment programmes that will bring succor to the people that had been deprived of their political and economic benefits due to several wars and hardship in the country over the years. The extractive industry and mining will not be left out in my government.

O’Dwyer pledged Nigerians to support his political aspiration, that if elected as a President, he will corroborate with the Nigerian government to bring massive economic developments to his people. Nigeria is an advanced African country that has the intellectual leadership capacity to learn from. I have been in USA for many years and I know how their democratic leadership runs over there.

Speaking further, he said the only way he can defeat the excruciating poverty in his country is to set up a workable economic indices through skills acquisitions and vibrant fiscal policy to fix its economy, he assured.


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