Ibiyinka Macaulay:A Man With Passion For Business And Art Of Philanthropy

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Mr.Ibiyinka Macaulay is the founder of Ibiyinka Macaulay Foundation(IBMAC)and grassroots philanthropist with vision.

For the past two years, I knew him through Facebook, I saw exemplary leadership skills in him and embodiment of humility.

In 2021,Mr.Ibiyinka Macaulay popularly known as “Macco Pollo” received Global Mindset awards with so much admiration.

As a business magnate,he has co[slide-anything id=’280′]ntinued to invest on profitable businesses in Nigeria and abroad.

As a London-based philanthropist, he has been coming home to know how the Nigeria’s economy runs despite the harsh leadership policies by our political leaders.

Mr.Macaulay has been running his NGO and impacting lives on youths and widows in Nigeria.He believes in God’s presence in his business and family.


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