If God Takes You Higher in Life, Don’t Look Down on People-Chief Atayese 1 Worldwide

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The Managing Director of Welsna Nigeria Limited and UK-based serial entrepreneur, Chief Abayomi Ilori eminently called as Atayese 1 Worldwide, has called on Nigerian wealthy people to remain humble in life, adding that God’s wealth is not by power but His grace that some of us became known today in the society.

Speaking to Godday Odidi, Editor-in-Chief Gabriovoice.com at his palatial house in Lekki-Ibeju Lagos, Chief Atayese 1 said wealth making is just by grace of God to be at the top coupled with creative planning. If God gives you wealth, don’t look down on anybody, God can raise that poor person to riches overnight.

Chief Atayese added that his background taught him to be self-independent and innovative in business and humanity.

If I have ten naira, I want to share it with my friends and family. Life is all about making impacts and nobody knows when he or she will die.

He stressed that he embarked on some businesses and failed but his love to persist in such situation kept him at the top in life.

Living a flamboyant lifestyle without affecting your next neighbour is totally wrong and unaccepted.


Every wealthy man that has opportunity to greatness must help humanity to the core. I remain committed to humanitarian services in Africa, he said.



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