If I Am to Recontest, My Family, Husband and God Will Decide-Hon.Orji

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Federal House of Representatives Member representing Ajeromi-Ifelodun constituency and Chairman Diaspora Committee, Hon.Rita Orji recently cleared the air on her ambition to recontest for 2019 elections, stressing that only three people can make me contest again, my family, husband and God.

According to Hon. Rita Orji, first I want to appreciate the good people of Ajegunle who stood by me in 2015 and all the PDP faithful in Ajeromi-Ifelodun local government Area of Lagos State. Without you people, I could not have been a member of House of Representatives. Power belongs to God not man. If my husband did not support my political ambition in 2015, I won’t have represented you people.PDP belongs to everybody.

It was God that made me where I am today and I will continue to appreciate the goodness of God in my life and Ajegunle people who voted for me massively to win the last elections. For those alleging that I have questions to answer on constituency allocations, they should Google National Assembly website to know the constituency allocations being received on regular basis.

Hon.Orji explained that Lagos State has 24 federal lawmakers and every allocation received must be shared among its constituencies and what is left is not enough to do anything for my constituency coupled with the present economic hardship in the country.

My monthly salary as a federal lawmaker is #610, 000, after deduction of tax and party contribution; I’m left with #410, 000, can this money give any empowerment in my constituency? I never joined politics as a poor person and I was already an established international business magnate to the core.

For those going on social media platforms to attack me on constituency funds should come out in public to challenge me with evidence not spreading fake news to dent my political image. If I decide not to contest again, I will never beg for food or position in life. It is God that decides if I will contest again.

Speaking further, she also said some members of our party spreading rumours that I owned three filling stations and houses in Abuja and abroad. I want to say here that God has blessed me heavily before I contested for 2015 and all my children were already outside the country for their studies. If I published the lists of those that have received money from me on monthly basis for one condition or the other, you will be marveled that those misleading the public on constituency allocations within our party in Ajeromi- Ifelodun are mostly the beneficiaries.

I ‘m a federal lawmaker, my work to make laws and not to construct roads but I have to stretch my promises to the good people of Ajeromi-Ifelodun.Some want to turn me to their ATM and make others not to benefit too. It is sad that those I trusted in grassroots leadership turned out to be my present enemies now.

To my party PDP, I will remain loyal and I cannot defect to any other party to betray the trust you gave to me in 2015 till date. If I must contest again, the party leaders must see my husband because these pathetic allegations are making my husband to see politics as a dirty game in Nigeria.

For those intending to contest for PDP in Ajeromi-Ifelodun in 2019 elections must go to field to test their popularity and secure their tickets in the primaries, she said.






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