If You Must Succeed in Life, Avoid Hatred and Unforgiving Spirit-Chief Ubogu

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Chief Ubogu



The Managing Director of Micura Services Limited and a multiple award-winning maritime guru, Chief Michael Ubogu, recently called on young entrepreneurs in Africa to avoid hatred and unforgiving spirit in their lives, stated that only great minds can succeed in this present entrepreneurial leadership era.

While speaking at his annual thanksgiving service of his company at Redeemed Christian Church of God,Festac Town, Lagos, Chief Ubogu who were giving 10minutes by his pastor to speak on a topic ‘Hatred’ emphasized on the need for people to forgive those who might have offended them in critical times of life. Such hatred sometimes could lead us to our success land which I ‘am part of this great testimony. If such hatred did not occur in my life, I wouldn’t have started Micura Services Limited today employing over 4000 workers both direct and indirect in Nigeria.

“Nobody is superior to others on earth, it is by the grace of God that some of us could achieve great feat of life”.

Ubogu cited some critical verses on the Holy Bible that children of God must not allow their past experiences in life to hate people but to love people more on earth.

Speaking further, Ubogu said you must not give your opportunity to your competitors. Being a great entrepreneur does not make you a foolish person on earth in giving out your secrets to your competitors.

Chief Ubogu also commended all his workers for staying with him in crisis and good times of life. God will continue to protect you all, he prayed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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