Immanuel Emoefe: The Ambassador of Hope for Humanity in Africa

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-He is not a media freak personality


“Legacy attracts the right people to life”-Godday Odidi


For those that have not met His Excellency, Ambassador Immanuel Emoefe,Honorary Consul of Guinea-Bissau, Lagos State, Okpugo 1 of Irri Kingdom, Managing Director of Portplus Limited and multiple award-winning philanthropist cum serial marine entrepreneur will easily see any destructive criticism and conclude that his personality is questionable and dubious.

As a trained international marine entrepreneur whose businesses spanned across the world, you will know that Ambassador Emoefe is a gift to Delta State and Isoko nation.

As an image maker, is one medium platform in Nigeria that investigates stories before publication online. He does not follow the crowd of critics to dent the image of a man that mean well for Deltans and Africa.

On the Ikpide-Irri road construction which many alleged stories have been published to dent his international reputation among his clients? In spite of all the destructive criticisms against his person, Ambassador Immanuel Emoefe’s clients still respects his personality and business connectivity.

For those that have watched AIT and Channels TV late last year, Ambassador Immanuel Emoefe was standing besides one of the government officials deciding on the economic growth of Nigeria.

Today, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State has placed much value on His Excellency, Immanuel Emoefe on humanitarian works in the State.

Isoko is really proud of their illustrious son whose philanthropic inputs have earned him many accolades,honours and awards from different organizations in the world.

If you visit Portplus Limited, with the kind of clients including foreigners thronging his office for one business transaction or the other, you will know that Ambassador Emoefe is globally reputed at all levels.

Portplus Limited handles several projects from logistics to marine projects and to road constructions.

Ambassador Immanuel Emoefe has received many meritorious awards on job execution for excellent services and humanity over the years and till now.

He is a product of God’s grace even as some elements trying to write off Portplus Limited on Ikpide-Irri road construction which has generated several issues in recent times.

With Charity Martha Foundation set up by him, over the years, offering various scholarship programmes to indigent students in Delta State and beyond.

His legendary inputs are worthy of emulation to the core. He remains a renowned Delta entrepreneur with large heart. He is not perturb by skeptical criticisms to dent his image and not afraid of critics.

Ambassador Immanuel believes that criticisms help to correct issues but it should be constructive to know that those criticizing are for his progress not imaging denting.







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