Isoko Nation Must Wake Up and Stop PHD syndrome Says Rev.Ejete

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Rev.Festus Ejete,General Overseer,Christ Faith Tabernacle International



General Overseer of Christ Faith Tabernacle International and award-winning gospel singer, Rev, Festus Ejete has called on all Isoko stakeholders both Nigeria and abroad to rally round each to promote Isoko nation.

Speaking with at his church headquarters recently, Rev.Ejete said Isoko nation need a strong voice to liberate the region. This is not ethnic agitation but we need financial empowerment to grow our people at all levels.

It is sad that we have exhibited the syndrome of pull him down (Phd) in Isoko among ourselves over the years. We quickly exposed our mistakes to the public than other tribes in Nigeria.Isoko nation is blessed with talented people but how to harness these talents have become a problem in the region.

God blessed us with great people in Isoko but nobody is ready to fly the flag of Isoko people. What I mean is that we need people who will raise each other up in terms of progressive development. Other tribes in Nigeria have a voice the federal government listens to but Isoko nation is not recognized.

He stressed that Isoko nation can only experience regional growth among us if our wealthy people can help some Isokolites with vision to move from the poor economic level we found ourselves now.Isoko nation is not neglected by any government it is we the Isokos are the problem of the region.

Ejete added that Isoko has no clergy that has a voice in government at present. God is using Isoko pastors greatly but we don’t have financial support like others to grow our ministries in Nigeria. Our criticisms should be done constructively not destructively if we must build a new Isoko nation that devoid of greediness and selfishness. I m working hard to give Isoko a voice in Nigeria, he said.



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