Isoko Political Restoration Forum: A Forum for Better Politics in Isokoland

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“Building integrity requires genuine process and time”-Godday Odidi


When this noble political grassroots forum was about to kick off and to be announced publicly, I was ably informed by the patron, Mr.Charles Alakpa, Managing Director, Eagle Eyesight Security Service and Charles Alakpa Foundation.

I really welcomed the idea of this Isoko Political Restoration Forum to build formidable politics in Isoko that has been hijacked by certain greedy elites over the years.

This forum is not in competition with any established Isoko forums but to spread the good news of grassroots politics and how to involve everybody into it.

Isoko Political Restoration Forum is not about breeding stomach infrastructural politics but to make sure all the clans are ably involved.

On the day of the inauguration of this forum at Owodokpokpo-Igbide town in Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State, the forum was not about Igbide politics, as an informed media personality, I saw my younger brother from Ada-Irri sitting at the hall as one of the delegates at the forum.

Isoko Political Restoration Forum aims and objectives to Isoko nation to showcase the quality of leaders and followers in Delta State in 2023 and beyond, promoting creative politics without violence.

It is going to be a well-spread forum that would have executives in each Isoko clan with co-ordinators.Isoko Political Restoration Forum has come to stay and ready to put its best on grassroots politics.

For Isoko nation to grow politically and economically, we need forum that would speak for the people. It is a forum mixed with egg-head technocrats, achievers, politicians and entrepreneurs. Opinions and views are ably welcomed and treated accordingly.

The Whatsapp page of Isoko Political Restoration Forum is gaining political ground as issues concerning Isoko are deliberated objectively without insults. It is time to support and join Isoko Political Restoration Forum to build strong politics in the region.    




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