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Amb Caroline


Monday 5th February, 2018 –Ozoro Delta State, Nigeria.

The Isoko Development Union (IDU) women’s wing under the Leadership of Amb. Mrs. Caroline Usikpedo-Omoniye has called on High Chief IduhAmadhe to resign his position as the President General of the Isoko Development Union, as he lacks the capacity to rule the Isoko Nation, rather causing conflict within Isoko since his assumption to the office.

She stated that Isoko has been Peaceful before the emergence of Chief IduhAmadhebut he has succeeded is causing breach of peace in almost all the Isoko communities, Youths, Host Communities and several others and now it’s the turn of the women.

The President General, Amb. Mrs. Caroline Usikpedo-Omoniye  and her executives who made this call at Ozoro, Delta State, Nigeria said since Chief Iduh assumed into office as the president general of the Isoko Development Union, the Women wing has also known no peace and all efforts to make peace has proved abortive.

He has forcefully taken over the leadership of the IDU women wing as he now convenes the women’s meeting personally, leaving the president of the women aside.

They further stated that Isoko women are harmless and Chief Iduh selfish agenda is provoking the women wing and it may get out of hand like that of the youth.

We call on him to respect the Isoko women’s decisions and allow their rights to peaceful existence and freedom of Association in Isoko to avoid re-occurring incidence of the Chief IDUH-YOUTH SAGA that is presently causing unrest in Isoko land.

We will like recount our ordeal that since Chief Iduh assumed his office as the president general of the Isoko Development Union, the Women wing have known no peace. We have been so confined and frustrated by his actions but we still keep our peace as women.

  1. He started by removing the President General of IDU Women’s wing from among his excos which is her constitutional right, in the provisions of the IDU constitution, and for the period of his over 2 years in office, has never invited her to meetings to discuss Isoko progress or women issues.
  2. He confiscated all IDU monies to himself and starving the women’s wing administrative funds.
  3. He makes sure the office of the women president is useless as he calls the women from communities directly to meetings leaving the entire excos aside.
  4. Chief Iduh is now the women president and now calls the women’s meeting.
  5. With his dictatorship style of Leadership has stopped the IDU women Mid-year and annual conferences without any reason given.
  6. Turned the IDU Meeting to a business venture of Himself as the Managing Director, Comrade Dan Odhomo as the Director , and Mr. Akwakwa Dennis as the Office staff. We are deeply saddened by this development.

In July 2016, through the aid of his mobile policemen went to Ughelli to cause breach of peace at the office the women president, he mobilized some Isoko youth to forcefully seize the IDU women bus, he forced us to remove the IDU Women written on the bus which has been in use before even he was elected.

He makes sure, we don’t have access to any discussions with him or whatsoever, and he has called me severally to warn me as the IDU women president General to tell the women not to go to his house, office or come to him for any discussion.

We will not forget to dread him as he has never been accessible to anyone and has set up a new venture on conflict, the very peaceful Isoko nation that was handed over to him by Major General Paul UfuomaOmu (Rtd.), his former boss whom he betrayed and took up his position, under 2 years became a war zone moving from one community to the other and is only interested in this, because it’s the most lucrative for him.

With Isoko nation being indebted to him to the tune of N29,779,543.00, it is assumed that he is richer than the entire Isoko nation and should resign and go about his business to enable the quest for additional indebtedness and crisis to give way to a unified and peaceful Isoko nation.

While calling for his immediate resignation, we also call on the Governor of Delta state, Well meaningIsoko Sons and Daughters, relevant authorities, the police and law enforcement agencies to investigate his activities before he turns Isoko nation to Terrorist zone, and we also call on the EFCC and the ICPC to investigate his financial dealings in the Union.

We are calling on him to declare his bank statement of accounts prior to his assumption into the office of the President General of IDU and now that he is been owed by the entire Isoko Nation.

Finally, we wish to state that Women’s rights are Human Rights, and any man that is still Gender blind is not fit to steer the ship of an ethnic Nationality, hence our call for action.

We do hope that he will listen and act as soon as possible.



Amb. Mrs. Caroline Usikpedo-Omoniye

President General, IDU Women’s wing


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