It Is Not Easy To Divide Nigeria Says Bishop Umunna

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The Presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC) and King of Africa drama, Bishop Leonard Umunna recently called on federal government to pay rapt attention to ethnic agitators and provide equal leadership to all Nigerians without sentiments.

Speaking with some newsmen in his office, Bishop Umunna said, ethnic agitators will continue to increase if federal government fails to provide equal leadership to all Nigerians. Certain sections of this country felt marginalized and the only option for their voices to be held is to lead series of protests or create unrest in the land. Going by some various leadership positions in the country recently, you would discover that some ethnic groups are highly favoured.

Nigeria can’t divide so easily and every tribe needs each other to grow. For those who amalgamated Nigeria had some hidden plans but only God’s intervention will put Nigeria back to its flourishing position in the world.

He disclosed that Nigeria is blessed with human and capital resources but leadership has been the problem of the country and insisted that Nigeria must change its name and review the constitution now.



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