Jacob Okhaishie: The Man of the People

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Since I have been publishing Captain Callistus Okhaishie’s business activities on Gabriovoice.com, one of the facebook followers always liking and commenting is, Chief Jacob Okhaishie(JP),Managing Director of Fugar Property Limited and a retired civil servant.

So, I was moved to ask his brother, Captain Okhaishie via Whatsapp, who is Chief Jacob Okhaishie? He briefly explained his personality to me.

Then, I went through his facebook page photos and as a trained journalist cum economist, I saw a hardworking man that has passion for community development.

On 17th February, 2020, he marked his birthday and last day in the civil service (retirement).Having served for 35years with legacies. Comments and likes hit his facebook page which I knew he was a good man to the core.

To know a man that is social, his facebook page will describe him better and Gabriovoice.com is a platform that promotes people that have enviable legacies in life.

Chief Jacob Okhiashie’s integrity personified and to be coronated as His Royal Highness of Akugbe of Edo in Kuje,Abuja,shows a man who lives all his life for the people.

With the kind of personalities displayed on the special invitation sent to me by his brother on Whatsapp, shows it is going to be an excellent occasion to the core.

He is a detribalized personality with excellent spirit in humanity and traditional leadership in Africa.

He attended St.John’s Grammar School, Fugar and proceeded to University of Jos and University of Abuja to study Educational Administration and Planning and rose to the position of Deputy Director at FCDA, Education Department.

With the regular advertisement of Fugar Property Limited on the social media also indicates that this company is set to break new grounds if given the rightful medium platform to advertise its products to clients.

Fugar Property Limited deals on different areas of businesses which Chief Jacob Okhaishie to create professional awareness as a trained and retired civil servant.

Gabriovoice.com is one platform that can market Fugar Property Limited to any sought after client in Africa if ready to pay for our affordable medium services.


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