John,Frank and Nnamdi:The Same of Page of Hospitality Businesses with Love For Humanitarian Services

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“Humanity attracts blessings of God to mankind”-Godday Odidi


In this part of the world where envy and jealousy has grew winds in different homes, families, neighbours and friends due to love for money and competition of wealth, but these wonderful brothers from the same parents stood tall to start their hospitality businesses with love for each other.

The mutual love and respect could be traced from their parents who taught them love of business expansion and growth.

No doubt, when it comes to hospitality business in Africa, the Okories are brands to identify with because they have built their hospitality businesses from friendship to passion and to money-minting using their local and international connections to grow it.

Mr. John Okorie, the Chief Executive Officer of M7 Suites, M7 Petrol and others. He is a renowned serial entrepreneur with love for humanity.

In Imo State, M7 Suites and Guest House is one of the best hotels offering quality hospitality services to clients in Africa.

The 2019 Global Mindset Media Achievers Excellence Awards winner, Mr.John Okorie has continued to improve on quality services to clients. He is a young man that has knack for excellent business services.

Today, his followers and fans call him’JJ’ as one man that has love for the poor.

Mr. Frank Okorie is another young hospitality magnate in Ajegunle redefining and rebranding hospitality business in Africa. He is eminently called by clients and friends as’J5’ which name was christened from J5 Lounge and bar. He runs a very profitable hospitality business that brings both young and old achievers together to feel the love of relaxation and entertainment. He has received several awards to his credit.

Mr.Nnamdi Okorie is known as ‘And-one and the Chief Executive Officer of And-One Hotel and Suites. One of the most sought after hotels in Ajegunle at present. It offers excellent services to clients locally and globally.

One thing I admire about these three brothers is love for each other to grow geometrically at all level. They are the brands of innovative hospitality in Africa.







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