July 24:A Day To Celebrate Dr Success Samuel Haruna On His Birth Anniversary

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July 24:A Day To Celebrate Dr Success Samuel Haruna On Birth Anniversary

Dr Success Haruna

Dr Success Samuel Haruna, the esteemed founder of the House of Bliss International Church, is a remarkable man of God whose influence and impact are felt far and wide. Since 2017, I have been following and documenting his ministerial endeavors, but it was in 2023 that I truly connected with his profound work, both online and offline.

A PhD psychologist with a deep-seated compassion for humanity, Dr Haruna’s messages are not only spiritually enriching but also socially relevant. His unique approach to preaching sets him apart as a beacon among preachers in Africa, focusing wholeheartedly on his divine calling and humanitarian mission.

His selfless dedication to serving others is a testament to his character, inspiring Nigerians and beyond to emulate his example. Dr Haruna’s literary contributions in the realm of business and his numerous accolades further attest to his exceptional talents and unwavering commitment to making a difference in the world.

As we approach July 24, the day of Dr Success Haruna’s birth, let us come together to honor and celebrate this extraordinary servant of God, whose life is a testament to the power of faith, compassion, and service to others.


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