Kennedy Ozofere: A Community Leader with Creative Leadership Skills

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“Every Good Leader must have Good Listening ears of his followers”-Godday Odidi

One of the Lagos-Isoko based community leaders whose recent leadership style has creatively intimidated Mindset Media Limited is Mr. Kennedy Ozofere,a young man from Ozoro Kindgom in Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State, whose rich resume matched his leadership prowess.

 I was one of the media team that witnessed his election as the President of Ozoro Progress Union (OPU) central body, Lagos whose election was transparent to the core. He took over from Engr.Solomon Okpithe who is presently contesting for President-General of Ozoro Kingdom.

Frankly speaking, Ozoro leadership is not met for empty brains or pockets but for those that have innovative and amiable leadership dozers which Kennedy Ozofere possessed coupled with his maritime knowledge. He is one of the digital community leaders that have listening ears to his people with apt response to community issues with transparent mechanism.

Even since he has been elected as President of OPU, Lagos Central-body, his magnanimous leadership style cannot be questioned or faulted. He leads with capacity and ready to bring unity to the central-body.OPU leadership is not for lukewarm but for those that have tenacious leadership capacities to take Ozoro people in Lagos to Canaan Land.

As far OPU leadership is concerned, you as a leader elected to lead; you must have a steady income to prove your leadership capacity. If waiting for community money to lead, then, ready to fall like a pack of cards.OPU is mixed with highly trained professionals from different backgrounds and quarters of Ozoro Kingdom and beyond. Feeble minds don’t contest for such enviable position.

Moreover, Kennedy Ozofere is one man that has respect for those before and after him. His smiling posture is worthy to be emulated when it comes to community leadership with excellent spirit. His silent philanthropic legacy cannot be taken for granted and man after God’s heart. He prefers to learn from his predecessors ‘mistakes than amateur people in leadership.

Lastly, Kennedy is not proud but wants his community to succeed in all ramifications. He has set a good foundation for others to follow. The onus of leadership falls on a man that has love for community development. He is one community leader you can go naked for because of his stint in leadership capacity, trusted, articulated, bold, tested and not compromised. He leads with the fear of God not man.







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