Kennedy Ozofere: A Community Leader with Extraordinary Legacies in Africa

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Mr.kennedy Ozofere



“Building leadership with Integrity last longer in community development”-Godday Odidi


One of the rising Lagos-Isoko based community leaders that is putting his very best in community development in Africa is Mr. Kennedy Ozofere,President of Ozoro Progress Union(OPU)Lagos-central.

As a trained international technocrat with proven integrity in business development and grassroots leadership, he has able to put his community in a global map in Lagos State.

Recently, the Vanguard newspaper, one of the leading tabloids in Nigeria granted him interview on the leadership of Governor.Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State and he offered a very useful advice on inclusive government where all tribes in the state should be fully inaugurated into his next coming administration.

He went further to commend Gov.Okowa on his giant strides leadership in his first tenure that would end on May 29 and Isoko is ready to support his leadership at all levels. He also advised the Federal Government to consider Isoko Nation for ministerial position too.

Mr. Kennedy Ozofere is one man that is highly respected among community leaders in Nigeria where his expertise is always needed at all times.

Since he assumed as Ozoro Progress Union (OPU) President after he took over from Engr.Okpithe about 3years ago, he has proved to all that community leadership is not by size but total commitment to community growth and development. He has also united all the branches under Ozoro Progress Union in Lagos State.

One thing that has helped Mr. Kennedy Ozofere to grow his leadership to an enviable height in recent times is carrying everybody along and he is not perturbed by community side talks.

As an award-winning community leader that learnt new and old ropes of leadership from his predecessors over the years, he has able to build enviable legacies in Ozoro community in Lagos State.

His technocratic leadership style has continued to give him edge over other community leaders in Nigeria. He is a voice in community leadership that cannot be ignored by any government in power particularly, Delta State. He is a man with large heart in humanity.    




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