Kennedy Ozofere: A Leading Light in Community Leadership in Isoko

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Kennedy Ozofere


“You don’t need to be a politician before making community impacts in life”-Godday Odidi

Ever since Mr. Kennedy Ozofere took over his community leadership over two years as President of Ozoro Progress Union (OPU) Lagos-Central, some leadership feats have been achieved through the creative support of his workaholic executives.

This young amiable leader has put all his leadership skills from both the formal and informal sectors to grow his community leadership for over two years in office.

His intellectual charisma in community matters is worthy of emulation to the core. He is one young man that has positive mindset to develop Ozoro Progress Union in Lagos-Central at all levels with his vast academic profile and managerial expertise to join other Ozoro Progress Union leaders to take Ozoro people to the Promised Land.

The ever-smiling community leader whose interest to see that everybody is carry along in his leadership position has able to create legacy in the sands of time.Mr.Ozofere is a man that has humanitarian leadership to see that Ozoro people enjoy flexible equanimity among itself.

His rising profile in community leadership was backed by those that once held his position and he learnt new robes of leadership from them. His humble display and respect for elders in Ozoro remains unique in his life. If he deserves to go for another term in office, there is a tendency that he would get massive support from his people.

Lastly, he has continued to unite Ozoro Progress Union in Lagos-Central as one family which his past predecessors did to make the union an enviable one among other Isoko clans in Lagos State. He remains a young community player with integrity.  




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