Kennedy Ozofere: A man with Digital Creativity in Grassroots Leadership

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By Godday Odidi


“You can’t be a good leader without having a good mentor”.-Godday Odidi


One of the fast-growing community leaders displaying exemplary leadership capacity in grassroots leadership is Mr. Kennedy Ozofere, a young man that has competence to lead both old and young generation of followers in Africa.

He believes that leadership is all about reaching the grassroots with sincerity and integrity. Ever since he was given the mantle of leadership to lead Ozoro Progress Union, Lagos-central, Kennedy has able to carry everybody along with the paucity of funds at his disposal and devoid of leadership sentiments among his countrymen. His charisma in grassroots leadership shows that his love for community development is worthy of emulation to the core.

Kennedy as a world-class name is known as a world leader which truly has reflected our own Isoko born ‘Kennedy’ in Delta State. For over the time, he has able to demonstrate real leadership capacity to lead people of different backgrounds and professions.Ozoro is one Isoko community in Lagos that is blessed with highly trained professionals in different careers and business magnates that have love for community meetings and development.

One thing that distinguishes the Isoko-born maritime expert, Mr. Kennedy from other Isoko community leaders in Delta State, is that, he has humble spirit in learning from leaders before and after him with desirable heart for Isoko development. He remains a community leader with good heart for humanity.


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