Kennedy Ozofere: A Proven Technocrat with Creative Community Leadership Style

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“Every Good Leader must exhibit quality leadership style to his or her people always”-Godday Odidi


Apart from his community leadership style which he has fully exhibited creative leadership drive to put Ozoro Progress Union(Lagos-central) as one of the most enviable Delta State communities residing in Lagos State,Mr.Kennedy Ozoro is one progressive man that has huge technocratic leadership skill in the former sector to strive in all ramifications.

For the past years I knew him from my mentorial father in person of Engr.S.E Okpithe,former OPU Lagos-central president in Lagos and present 2nd IDU vice president serving his second term, his leadership style to his community has really convinced me that if given future leadership position aside his community, he would surely excel at all levels.

His technocratic carriage in entrepreneurial leadership is worthy of emulation when it comes to managerial inter-personal relationship with fellow staffers and managerial team.

One thing you can’t take away from Kennedy Ozofere is humility and his helping hands attitude towards people around him.He believes in sharing the little he has and makes people happy in life.

As a trained technocrat in the former sector whose managerial pedigree is unassuming and resourceful. He has continued to put his legacies in the footprints of entrepreneurial leadership and managerial development in Africa and beyond.

He is one of the few hands real entrepreneurial gurus needs in Africa to fix some of the managerial leadership challenges being experienced in their working environment.

He had undertaken different professional courses to back his Master’s degree which he obtained from one of the reputable universities in Nigeria. His vast knowledge in managerial leadership is excellent and inspiring to young minds that want to be senior management team in their companies in future.

Lastly, Kennedy Ozofere remains a community leader with large heart.







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