Kennedy Ozofere:An Advocate of Community Development and Quality Leadership System

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“Great leaders are led by enviable legacies of life”-Godday Odidi


Since the past two years till date,Mr.Kennedy Ozofere,an award-winning community leader and President of Ozoro Progress Union(Lagos-central), a renowned technocrat par excellence, has been passionately advocating for community development and good governance in Delta State.

He believes that Isoko nation is left behind in Delta State politics over the years, in spite of the recent numerous appointments of Isoko sons and daughters into the present government of the state.

One thing you cannot take away from Mr.Ozofere is leadership advocacy to make Isoko nation great in the comity of Delta politics.

As a trained technocrat whose passion to take community leadership to the next level which he is presently serving his second tenure as OPU President (Lagos central)?

According to him, Isoko nation cannot continue to play second fiddle politics when we contribute so much in the economic growth and development of the nation through her oil and gas.

2023 Isoko politicians must come out to contest for governor under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), All Progressives Party (APC) or any other formidable political party

Isoko politicians must wake from their political slumber and fight for the emancipation of its people.

His political advocacy has been published in major online and conventional media platforms in Nigeria.

Ozoro Progress Union (Lagos-central) has witnessed equitable leadership system under Mr.Ozofere which has made his community to love him more without a fault.

He is a bridge-builder and pace-setter in leadership development which has earned him so much respect in the whole Ozoro kingdom.




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