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Prophet BB Idahosa

1. Don’t spend all your time trying to defend another preacher who has publicly lived in error whether it’s about his sexual life, doctrine, or demeanours. Lest you be branded as same.
2. Let people know what you believe and stand for from the very onset of your call. There must be no double standards.
3. Build a personal library. You can’t lead more than you read.
4. Try and get a ministry licence or Gasset now. Very soon a law will be passed barring all non-licenced preachers from doing the work of ministry. Don’t ask me when.
5. Be careful who you get married to. A bad wife is the beginning of a bad ministry reputation.
6. Don’t live your life on loans. You will never stop paying debts.
7. Don’t be in a haste to become as successful as any of your ministry fathers. They didn’t become successful in a day or overnight.
8. Don’t live in sin and think you know the way to exercising your gift. It’s only a matter of time and the sin will expose you.
9. Don’t just marry because your woman is beautiful. Rather marry because she will join you to make life beautiful.
10 Watch the home you marry into. Bad in-laws despite a good wife will still make things unbearable for the home and ministry .
11. Make time to pray for your biological children. It’s pathetic when a known, anointed, healing, man of God has a chronically ill or wayward child to live with.
12. Do the necessary legal documents to support every church property you acquire or receive as gift. So that a Pharaoh who knew not Joseph will not get you out of a property you have already invested so much church funds on.
13. Stay clear off partisan politics. Once in a while you can express your views on the state of the nation. But don’t publicly take sides with any political party. Either party A or Party B they are all the same.
14. Don’t encourage tribalism in your ministry.
15. Respect your time.
16. Be neat, simple, and not unnecessarily luxurious.
17. Don’t spend poor people’s money ( offering and tithes) on unnecessarily expensive personal satisfaction.
18. always keep a clean teeth and odour free mouth. Your gifts operate from your mouth. Keep it smelling good.
19. Pray always and keep a worship driven life.
20. Involve your family in your ministry but watch out against the family entirely taking over and turning it into a family business
21. Watch against those females who avoid your wives company or come to accuse your wife that she is not welcoming to them. They may have an eye for you.
22. Stop accusing your wife if being overly jealous. She may just be protecting you because she knows who and what you can fall for. After she succeeding in trapping you with one and now you are her husband.
23. Guard against your greatest attractions so they don’t become obsessions.
24. Eat your wife’s food. Don’t ignore her labour in the kitchen.
25. Don’t act as though your wife is unimportant in your conversation with others.
26. Finish one project before you jump into another. #BBIDAHOSA


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