Kingsley Onogboko:A Paga Man with Innovative Online Banking in Nigeria

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“Every business needs innovative idea to break-even in life”-Godday Odidi


One of the few Delta-born creative online banking experts I met recently in the Badagry area of Lagos State is Mr.Kingsley Onogboko; the Managing Director of Debby Divine Ventures, whose enthusiastic commitment to online banking outlet in Nigeria remains unbeatable.

I have taken my precious time to watch other paga online banking outlets that were established in the area before Debby Divine Ventures came into the area and I saw the entrepreneurial tenacity in this creative man whose idea to grow paga business to an enviable height.

One of the exclusive interviews I had with him late last year, he said Debby Divine Ventures was set up to bring paga online banking business to a creative venture where customers can withdraw and deposit money with no stress. His banking services are fast-becoming the best in the area compare to other paga businesses that have been operating before Debby Divine Ventures.

Mr.Kingsley Onogboko is a man that has creative branding spirit that other paga online operators are yet to know the secret of his progressive mindset in the business of online banking. With his sound educational background and humility in business also helping him to strategize into profitable venture to see that paga operation is unique in Badagry area of Lagos State. He is one young man that has passion for grassroots entrepreneurial development in Africa and beyond. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Lagos State University(LASU) and worked briefly with Minaj Media Group( defunct MBI TV) and other organizations before venturing into paga business.









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