Leonard Umunna: A Bishop with Noble Character

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One of the ministerial tools that sustain powerful anointed men of God across the globe is character. Character in ministry determines how far the founder goes in life among his or her members.

Bishop Leonard Umunna is one clergy in Africa that has sustained a trustworthy attitude to the core. Many prominent clergies had gone oblivion because of some the funny characters exhibited by founders that resulted to division of their churches.

For any ministry to grow big in life by winning souls for Christ, the founder must continue to exhibit good character that church elders and youths can learn from at all times.

In this 21st century, church founders with good characters always command respect on the pulpit and many see them as role models.

Bishop Umunna is an exemplary figure in the ministry that many young pastors and members look up to when it comes to character comportment.

For the past 5years Mindset Media Limited and Gabriovoice.com has been promoting Bishop Leonard Umunna, his character has remained the same.His ministerial humility is extraordinary coupled with his good character that keeps BLCC growing at all levels.

His ministerial teachings on character are great and awesome. He is a clergy every young preacher admires in life and remains a legend of our time.  



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