Leonard Umunna: A Clergy with Humanitarian heart

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Bishop Leonard Umunna


Bishop (Prof) Leonard Nwaoma Umunna, presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral and proprietors of Extra Real and Nursery primary school and Umunna College.

Born on 25th of Jun 1954 at Umuoma Okpofe in Itu,Ezinihitte LGA,Imo State of Nigeria.

He holds a PGD in Business Administration, Masters in Education, Doctorate

 Degrees in Divinity-GMF and Literature-USA; fellow of the Chartered institute of Public Administration; also fellow, strategic finance and Admin institute, Faculty London College of Theology and, presently General of GM Chaplaincy and Professor of Christian Leadership. He oversees one of the largest single congregations in the world.

Bishop Umunna worked with the defunct Nigeria National Supply Company and rose to the position of a manager and retired honorably from service as the head of Department of the company. He is one clergy you cannot ignore in Nigeria when it comes to the gospel world and entrepreneurial leadership in Africa.

Having received over 50 awards from both Nigeria and abroad, Bishop Umunna has remained committed to the kingdom works, aside his private businesses creating jobs for Nigerians. He was christened by his faithful admirers as “World Best” and father of African gospel king”. He is a man of God with many parts; author, singer, instrumentalist, dramatist, educationist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, preacher and many more to his credit. He has travelled to many countries of the world to preach the gospel of Christ. He is blessed with children and grandchildren.


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