Leonard Umunna: A Quintessential Man of God with Integrity

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Bishop Umunna


“Good clergies or preachers are bent on legacy messages on their congregation”-Godday Odidi

Some leaders are born and others are made but that of the quintessential man of God, Bishop Leonard Umunna is made of the product of the two.

In Ajegunle today, when it comes to ministerial legacies, Bishop Umunna is among the first fathers in the lord that stood firmly to bring the gospel to the doorstep of every believer in Ajegunle.He made sons and daughters in the lord to take over from him if he is no more on earth.

Bishop Umunna’s style of calling and ministry is quite different from other ministers of God operating in Ajegunle as their calling locations over the years. His magnitude of ministerial innovation on the new media to reach out to both believers and unbelievers is quite awesome in Ajegunle and beyond.

To be a quintessential servant of God not  just to display the oratory style of preaching to congregation but following the revealational principles of the Lord Jesus Christ which Bishop Leonard Umunna has fully demonstrated over the years.

One thing to preach the gospel and another thing as a preacher or general overseer to follow the true gospel of Jesus Christ. His kind of ministry of this new generation is known as ‘old school’ but for those that know the misery of end-time will know that his gospel is targeting those faithful ones that are ready to make heaven on the last days on earth.

Having this kind of ministers of God is scare when you compare the present crops of preachers that prefer what the congregation wants to hear to what Jesus Christ wants them to hear as believers.

To sum it all, Bishop Leonard Umunna has duly paid his due in ministry works over the years till date. He is still waxing stronger to win more souls for Christ and not afraid to leave the earth when the time comes.





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