Mama Roseline Odidi left us 7years ago with unbeatable legacies of life

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Today marks 7 years of my beloved grandmother of our time,Madam Roseline Onomerike Odidi(Nee Izeghe) you left us.You left when Mindset Media Limited was just 2months old.You saw the vision far better than me that was why you invested much on me in life.You thought me to be self-confident,be contented no matter the pressure of life,be hardworking,make good friends not criminals or desperate money seekers,respect elders,be faithful to the service of God.I remembered when I was a very little boy,anytime you are invited to any ceremony,you took me along,the first thing you will show me the personalities that graced the event and their cars they came with,Godday Odidi Aguriase,read your books and maintain good friends in life.If the organizer of this event was a rogue,so rogues will grace the occasion too.Godday Odidi Aguriase don’t run faster than your destiny my son,your time will come when people will celebrate you too..Align yourself with good people that will teach you greatness.You taught me morals and how to be self-employed.You taught me how to manage challenges of life and remain faithful to God.Your words keep me growing in the means of challenges.Don’t live above your means and learn to be moderate in life and be truthful to people.You taught me wisdom of life and how to live a ripe age of life.If you involve yourself in evil life,you die early in life.So watch your footstep of life.Mama I missed you so much.Your last word to me before you departed ,be contented and don’t envy anybody success in life and wait for your time and when it comes learn to invest and help others too.Mama sleeps well till we meet again.

Late Madam Roseline Odidi


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